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Patti Berge
Butte, Montana

Dog is guaranteed to be in good health upon leaving Breeder's home.
All pups have a vet check before leaving sellers home.
Buyers agrees to have a Vet confirm the good health of the pup with in 2 days.
If your Vet finds this pup not to be in good health, pup is return to seller with 24 hours.
Money will be refund for the price of the pup only, after a written certification statement,
from your vet to the breeder, is receives.
All Vet fees medicines, travel shipping and any quarantine necessary will be the responsibility of the buyer.
Our puppies are quarantined against life threatening genetic defects.
We will replace the pup with an other one of the same sex after a written vet statement is delivered.
An autopsy and DNA testing will be required for a replacement of the pup up to 2 years.
If the dog is evaluated as severely dysphasic by O. F. A.  and requires surgery before one year of age, Puppy will be replace.
If pup develop juvenile dilated cardiomyopathy and die, the puppy will be replace with a pup of the same value.

Buyer has agree to provide proper care, Shelter, nutrition, vet care.
Buyer agrees if this pup is sold as a pet to have it spay/neuter and
on a limited registration. Proof must be sent to Patricia Berge
If buyer decided not to keep the pup/dog you must contact the seller first.
CeeAnjel will always appear on the AKC Paper.
If this contract is not fulfill, Patricia Berge has the right to take back puppy.

~My promise to Patricia Berge~
I will love this puppy and see no harm will come to he/she
I will take my pup to the vet for yearly check ups.
I will keep the shots up to date.
This pup will be part of my family.
Both pup and kids will learn respect for each other.
PWDs  are very busy there for I will make sure my pup hasplenty of exercise.
This pup will have shelter from the sun and cold.

Vet and phone number______________